the motor city...intro

this past weekend we went to detroit, a place that i am told by my mother i went to as a child but that i have no recollection of but what i do know is that in spite of not remembering anything about it from my childhood, i could tell that the rumors of a revitalization are very much true...

i snapped a lot of pics and hope to post more here but i will start with these two...

detroit historical building
this picture was taken in motion in a cab...me and my camera are becoming better friends... 

home in detroit


Chicago snowy city

Lake Michigan covered in ice & snow


Chicago sky...

Nearing sunset...


millenium park tulips

when i told my good buddy Rick, who is a professional photographer, that i finally had a new camera, the first thing out of his mouth was "when do you want to go shooting?" which of course geeked me to no end.

so, we went out today and he gave me lots of instruction about the workings of cameras and so much more...

here is one of the pics that i shot....i am even more excited now than ever to really get out there and capture the moments.




fun seven daughters, cheeky chicago party at paris club


i took this on a lovely evening cruise on lake michigan #chicago